Vladimir Ivanov, Oracle - Deep immersion in invokedynamic

    This announcement is dedicated to those who have been whining all winter that JUG.ru has not had a hardcore for a long time.

    On Wednesday, March 11, a meeting of JUG.ru with Vladimir Ivanov , engineer of the HotSpot JVM team, will be held in the St. Petersburg office of Oracle .

    The topic of the meeting is the invokedynamic instruction and its implementation in the JDK / JVM.

    In Java 7, a new instruction appeared at the bytecode level - invokedynamic. Programmable binding instruction allowed dynamic languages ​​on the Java platform to reach new heights of performance. JRuby has been actively using invokedynamic since Java 7, and in Java 8 a JavaScript runtime has appeared that is completely based on the new API.

    The main focus of the report will be on the internal implementation of the java.lang.invoke API and support for new instructions in the JVM. Particular attention will be paid to the interaction of the JVM and the Java implementation level.

    Participation is free, registration here .

    Vladimir @ iwan0www Ivanov , Oracle Lead Engineer, works in the HotSpot Java Virtual Machine Development Team. He specializes in JIT compilation and support for alternative languages ​​on the Java platform. Vladimir joined Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle in 2010) in 2005 and since then has taken part in a large number of Java-related projects (HotSpot JVM, RTSJ, JavaFX).

    Vladimir’s past appearances on JUG.ru, Joker and JPoint can be found here .

    Questions to the speaker
    If you have any questions to Vladimir about the invokedynamic or HotSpot JVM as a whole - come to the meeting: you can hear the answer firsthand!

    We traditionally collect questions from those who cannot come in the comments to this topic.

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