Cloudmouse is closing

    I wanted to believe in them after the first failure, but no ...

    14:35 03.03.15 Inaccessibility of the network
    Dear users, times the loss of the network on guest machines.
    We are

    dealing with the issue, soon the network will appear 10:47 03.03.15 Backup
    Dear users, in connection with the unstable operation of the cloud.
    Upon request to the ticket system, we will provide you with a link to download the full backup of your server.

    19:13 03.03.15 We tried, but we didn’t succeed.

    We apologize to all our users for not being able to provide you with quality service. We are leaving ... The project will be closed.

    If you made backups in the control panel, then upon request to the ticket system, we will provide a link to download them.

    Dear users, we recommend using servers from the flops company, they are good guys and have long established themselves in the market.

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