I’ll crack you by the sparkle in my eyes

    Jan Krissler, the same biometric hacker who eloquently demonstrates the “vulnerability of the thumb” and who hacked from a photograph of the Minister of Defense of Germany , can recognize your password / PIN by the glint of his eyes.

    As practice has shown, the eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also just a mirror, which means you can peek into it what is happening on your screen.

    Read about how printed characters are recognized by reflection from the eyes and from sunglasses, read under the cut

    Previous work

    If suddenly the hacker has access to some channel, then it is technically possible to find out the pin / password.


    Practicality of Accelerometer Side Channels on Smartphones Accelerometer
    pattern definition Using a PIN


    Skimmer: Inferring PINs Through The Camera and Microphone

    Opening the button presses on the jitter of the image on the front video camera

    Current work

    Security Impact of High Resolution Smartphone Cameras

    Variants of what surfaces you can shoot reflection from. Pay attention to the distance

    . Resolution table of video cameras on smartphones


    The picture above is a demonstration that you can read the image / reflection not only from glasses, but also from the eyes.

    The ratio of the size of the reflection of the 5-inch display on the eye, depending on the resolution of the camera. The distance is 30 and 60 cm. Everything above the red line can be reconstructed. The

    formula for calculating the image size


    There is a curious article On the Privacy Risks of Virtual Keyboards: Automatic Reconstruction of Typed Input from Compromising Reflections , it is paid, but the search engine pulled pictures from it.

    Here is a free article





    Protective measures

    Random keyboard (helps with low resolution images), password entry eye-tracker (and it can be cracked), biometric authentication? Good luck


    Reflections, grimacing,
    Break free,
    Smiling calmly,
    or crying, but without pain ...
    Mirrors watch us,
    Learning to even listen,
    To be both thoughts and dreams,
    Distorting our souls.
    Drowning in the mirror of desire,
    Slowing movement ...
    They gave us away for a spell,
    We were caught reflections ...

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