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Original author: James Tang
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To remain a professional in developing iOS applications, you need to constantly learn from others and learn about the latest tools and techniques. In addition to  the Apple site with documentation , there are several resources with valuable articles and lessons that will help us grow steadily. They will be discussed in this article.

Let's start with blogs with original content:


A monthly publication edited by world-class iOS developers. In addition to quality articles, they also offer  an iPad app . The founders are  Chris EidhofDaniel Eggert  and  Florian Kugler .


A great website with articles that poke innovative interface elements in popular applications. All projects are publicly available on the appropriate repository . Editor -  Sam Page.
It is sad that the author decided to stop working on the site, however, the old articles are relevant now. 


In-depth class-by-class analysis and provision of source codes. Articles about the style in programming and various approaches to the application of certain classes. The creator is  Mattt Thompson , who made  AFNetworking , the current editor is  Nate Cook .

Peter Steinberger

The personal blog of the author of the most popular  PDF framework for iOS , which is used in Dropbox and Evernote applications. Contains articles describing techniques that can be easily applied in practice.

Ole begemann

On his blog, the author shares personal experiences, talks about code style and creating the API, and sometimes reveals interesting classes that Apple uses.

Florian kugler

Co-author's personal site objc.io. Here you will find many articles about evaluating application performance and more.


Compiled in a question and answer format, this site contains many questions regarding not only Objective-C. Have a question - ask  Mike Ash .


Useful articles from the Tumblr iOS development team .

Sites necessary to keep abreast of news in the field of iOS development:

iOS Dev Weekly

Weekly iOS newsletter with more than 20,000 subscribers. It is a collection of useful articles on iOS development. Editor -  Dave Verwer .

iOS Developer Tips

One of the first iOS resources created back in 2008. Articles on various topics, from development tips to interface elements. Editor -  John Muchow .

iOS Goodies

A relatively new iOS newsletter. Content is divided into sections: articles, tools, business, interfaces, and others. Weekly delivery is provided by  Rui Peres  and  Tiago Almeida .

UPD: Two Useful Websites

Design + Code

A great website where I help write tutorials with step-by-step instructions and videos. Creator - Meng To .


A training resource created by my friend from Hong Kong, who temporarily quit his job to focus on this project. Contains both paid and free articles on the topic of APIs, frameworks, and much more. Editor -  Simon Ng .

UPD: Two more blogs with original content that are worth adding to the list

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Useful tips on code architecture, tools, work in Xcode. We can learn a lot from the articles on this website.

iOS development tips

A relatively new blog with productivity tips for working in Xcode and with the API. Editor -  Rounak Jain .

Time is limited, we must be careful in choosing news sources.

The better you read, the better you create.
The more you read, the less you create.

From the translator. With all wishes and comments regarding the translation, please contact me in PM. Thank!

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