Snipers train in shooting at robots.

    Marathon robotics
    The Australian company Marathon Robotics has developed a training complex for snipers. The essence of the complex is simple: robots are quietly “walking” on a cardboard imitation of a city street, and snipers shoot at them. A sort of Duck Hunt in the twenty-first century.

    Video (in English) and a description of the system under the cut.

    The complex is pretty tricked out:
    • robots do not collide, dodge unexpected obstacles, are able to coordinate their movements with each other and navigate in space using GPS and hand
    • robots walk along programmed or random trajectories, i.e. no need to manage each individually
    • robots react to shooting and hitting other robots - scatter and hide
    • everything is controlled from one laptop by one operator

    Website: (TTX robots can be found in PDF on the website )


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