Release Disciples III

    The fans have been waiting for the release of this game for a very long time. They promised her last fall. It seemed that it would already be unfinished according to the Zhdalker scheme, but in November the sales start date is December 11, 2009.

    Disciples 3

    Actually, the longed-for day came on Friday. To say that the game is being swept away is to say nothing. However, it was smooth only on paper ... And now, people who paid money for a license and were preparing to have a nice weekend at their favorite game, instead tear their hair in all places and praise Akella and the .dat studio in every way

    Summary of the topic: wait with the purchase of the game .

    Yes, and judge for yourself. How otherwise. If, on the eve of the start of purchases, when the disks are already stamped and go to the stores, two upd are issued urgently : three ( times, two , three ) “emergency” patches, which should fix the problem with the launch (sic!) of the game, which occurs, the vast majority of users, if not all, have other “stability problems”, as well as some game problems. However, the patch does not help many: most often they are Win7 owners who are advised to wait for the special patch.

    But wait! There is more!

    So, after installing the patches for the rest of the majority, the game still starts (at least, not from the main menu, only from the game folder, but this can be tolerated). However, it’s impossible to play normally, again, because of the monstrous technical and in some places game bugs.
    I will simply quote the most popular issues from the forum.
    • Regular departures. Is always. Both on the map and from the battle. Sometimes with OS freeze / reboot
    • Music. The composition on the map plays through to the end and constantly “stutters” - twists its last 5 seconds, before switching to battle mode. In battle mode, the same until the transition to map mode.
    • After Alt + Tab, it is impossible to return to the game. Only a black screen. The process is removed only from Task Manager.
    • Due to departures, people are often saved in order to somehow escape, but everything is provided for : saves are often not loaded. Tip: make more saves.
    • Unable to summon golem (in map mode). The spell requires pointing at a friendly target, but when you hover over a target, the icon is crossed out, since the hero is already standing there. In DI, a DII golem was casting anywhere.
    • Some units (for example, healers) with upgrades do not receive increases to the main skill (for example, healing). People on forums already find places in the files where to edit in order to increase
    • At times, a unit with 0 health, which cannot be killed, remains alive. For some, this means the inability to complete the quest, and therefore complete the game.
    • Here are as many as 34 game bugs from one attentive user

    And it’s not that there is no beta test. There was a long persistent closed beta test. Maybe we have just been spoiled by Blizzard and forgot about the harsh igrostroy? (You can’t say Russian, because the same Heroes 5 made by the Russian Nival did not contain so many shortcomings). I don’t know when I’ll now decide to play it myself, but in the place of those who haven’t bought the game yet, I would wait until better times for fixing bugs, otherwise the continuation of the turn-based strategy masterpiece will be hopelessly ruined ...

    I am indignant!


    But wait! There is even more!

    It turns out that the problem is often that the license key aka serial number is completely missing in the purchased license disk .
    In a normal situation, the serial number is glued to the box with the disk and must be under the disk, that is, you need to remove the disk to see it. Go Akella!

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