Google Summer of Code 2015 sets off

    A list of open-source organizations participating in Google Summer of Code 2015 has just been published . Google Summer of Code (abbreviated GSoC ) is Google’s initiative program, which annually selects open source projects in which students can participate. Projects themselves select students from all applicants, and Google pays students scholarships for their work (in the amount of $ 5,500 US ). The full program rules for this year can be found here:

    GSoC was first held in 2005, and since then it has been held every year - this year it will be held for the eleventh time. This year's application has been submitted416 organizations, of which 137 were selected by Google . It is worth noting that the number of organizations that applied this time is one of the highest for all the years of GSoC's existence (the maximum was 417, if I'm not mistaken), while the number of organizations accepted is one of the lowest (the lowest since 2007 !). In addition, this amount runs counter to the amount promised by Google itself, roughly corresponding to 2014:
    5. How many mentoring organizations does Google expect to take part in the program?

    We worked with 40 organizations in 2005, over 100 in 2006, over 130 in 2007, 175 in 2008, 150 in 2009, 150 in 2010, 175 in 2011, 180 in 2012, 177 in 2013 and 190 in 2014. We are expecting to accept a similar number of organizations in 2015 as we did in 2014.
    However, do not forget that the money for this program is donated by Google, and, as you know, “They don’t look into the gifted horse”: Google donates as much as it considers necessary (possible), and we cannot make any claims against them.

    Students who wish to participate in the GSoC can begin to familiarize themselves with the list of organizations . This year student enrollment will begin on March 16th and end on March 27th. However, Google recommends that students do not wait until the last moment, and now start helping the organizations they like with bug fixes and code improvements in order to significantly increase their chance. Unfortunately, due to the US embargo on the conflict in Crimea, students from the Crimea this year will not be able to participate in the program. The full schedule of the program for this year can be found

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    Unfortunately, Hummingbirds have not been accepted this year, but we will always be happy to see new contributors. The list of ideas that we presented at GSoC 2015 is available here:

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