Crucial moment. Bank of England makes its bitcoin

    “Gold is for idolaters, not for us. As long as there are idolaters, and they are more important than gold, nothing threatens our cause. ”The statement is attributed to Nathan Rothschild.

    The Bank of England, the center of the world behind the scenes , a private enterprise (the list of shareholders is still unknown) published a draft document in which, against the backdrop of the current global financial crisis, in addition to calls for fundamental changes, the issue of creating a monetary substitute for its own digital currency is discussed .

    The Bank of England was originally organized in 1694 as a private bank, in 1946 it was nationalized, and in 1997. received the status of an independent public organization independent in conducting monetary policy, the full owner of which is the Solicitor (category of lawyers) of the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the government

    Perhaps this is the coolest achievement of Bitcoin - the world financiers have seriously considered the new financial system. The Jamaican currency system will soon be replaced by the % username% -coin system.

    Until they realized that they did not need quite able to safely transfer money between Alice and Bob without the involvement of third parties (It. Design feature money. Accumulative function associated curiosities: the student bought an apartment for $ 5, then the programmer climbed on the dump in search of an aborted a hard drive with a bunch of bitcoins, which eventually turned into a treasure. There is also an investment / project functionmoney, but with its implementation is still somehow tight. . Although kraudfandingovyh platforms have every chance)

    Bank raises questions about the regulation, traceability and privacy, on money laundering, on how to move from one system to another and so on.

    I'll go re-read "Cryptonomicon" Neal Stephenson

    under the cut - a video conference

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