Auto-blocking apps on Google Play

    " How so? For what? It can not be. This is some kind of mistake! Now I will write to technical support - and everything will be decided - the application blocked by mistake will be restored ."

    Such thoughts appear in the head of a developer who receives a notification about blocking an application on Google Play. At least that's what I thought by naivety.

    When you read in the profile resources about the next sweep on Google Play, you think that this will not affect you. Make applications that do not violate the policy, and everything will be fine.

    My game “Hungry Fish” did not break the rules and was located here .

    By the way, on amazon it did not cause any problems with moderation and it still lies.

    Tests in the Russian segment showed good retention. And it was decided to scale.

    He launched an advertisement in Google Adwords, ordered translation of descriptions into the main languages ​​on Fiverr, and sat down to write a plan for improvements.

    As the texts were ready, laid out descriptions. Made basic English, preparing to scale AdWords campaigns on WW.

    A letter came from Google notifying that the application “because it violates the violence policy” was blocked .

    In shock, I wrote an appeal, indicating that it was a harmless game and there was not a single violation of the violations described.

    After 2 days came the answer that after the revision they can not restore the game, because it violates the content policy rules.

    Violence and Bullying: Depictions of gratuitous violence are not allowed. Apps should not contain materials, harass or bully other users.

    Then I realized that it was rubbish. I wrote in support more than a dozen times, trying to prove that I am not a camel. Attached screenshots. Shot video gameplay.

    Compare the game with the games in the store, where sharks devour people.

    List of appeals:

    But as a result of each appeal, he received in response automatic or formal replies that the game could not be restored without explaining the reasons for the blockage.

    Like, lay out again, trying not to break the rules .

    But the fact is that I do not even understand why they blocked the game. All requests to point out specific violations - what exactly the google play policy team didn’t like were ignored .

    There are much more brutal games with sharks that eat people with millions of plants and do not find fault with them.

    In this case, if I re-post the game with a different package name, I can get a full lockout of the developer account, which will be a very painful blow.

    In the case of account blocking, Google is very strict about this and blocks all newly created accounts for previous or associated violations!

    I even found and signed a petition from one of these developers.


    1. While you are a small indie developer, google doesn't care about you from the high bell tower.
    2. If you have several applications on your account with a recruited audience, then the new application is better to put on another, unrelated account. In the case of blocking a new application, you will receive a black mark for the entire account. And after a while, the new application can be transferred to the main account for free through technical support.
    3. If you have blocked the application, then in 95% of cases it is forever and it is useless to communicate with bots.
    4. Write apps for iOS.

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    Did you manage to restore the application after blocking on Google Play?

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