Announcement MongoDB 3

Somehow quietly passed the announcement of the new version of MongoDB. Changing the version number from 2 to 3 indicates significant changes within the database. Developers claim a significant increase in performance and improved scalability. A little more detail under the cut.

The announcement itself was February 3. In short, the third version now uses the default An open engine storage WiredTiger , which was founded and developed by Dr. Michael Cahill (Dr Michael Cahill), who had previously contributed to the PostgreSQL development, and Keith Bostic (Keith Bostic), who is known for his contributions in the development of Unix. Using the new kernel will help you better and faster implement new functionality, get rid of bottlenecks and withstand higher loads. Also in the new version will provide a new API.

Integration with WiredTiger allows you to use compression, write-level locks, transaction processing with multiple documents and support for the merge tree with the log structure (Log-Structured Merge-Trees, LSM), and also allows you to manage concurrent access using MultiVersion Concurrency Control, MVCC )

In order not to be unfounded, you can see benchmarks on this and this link.


If you want to feel it now, then on the website at the moment you can download the 11th release - the candidate.
According to this link, you can find a detailed changelog.

ATTENTION!(for every fireman) This is not the final version and therefore the developers are very asking not to use the current version in the production.

UPDATE Also, SSL encryption is not yet supported ;
SSL is supported, but only in the enterprise version at the moment, or if you klmpilir yourself. They just kind of hint what will happen in the free.

Summing up, we can say that the project really needed changes. For all its advantages, MongoDB often put a pig to developers in completely unexpected places. Let's see what a good release will bring us.

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