Our company at the largest game development conference in San Francisco - GDC

    From March 2 to 6, 2015 in San Francisco will host the Game Developers Conference (GDC) - one of the largest and most anticipated conferences for game developers, and for those who are somehow connected with the gaming industry.

    GDC 2015 is more than 400 companies, 8 summits, more than 900 speakers with reports and speeches on various relevant topics: from the development and design of games to their monetization, marketing and advocacy.

    The GDC 2015 will host 8 summits dedicated to:
    • Artificial intelligence in games
    • Community management
    • ESports
    • Game plot
    • Free-to-play games
    • Education Gamification
    • Independent games
    • Games for smartphones and tablets

    The Developers Day will feature speakers from industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Unity Technologies, npnf, and Imagination Technologies. GDC2015 will also be attended by Microsoft, NVIDIA, Sony, Valve and many others. The conference provides an opportunity to look into the future of the gaming industry and understand how the industry itself is developing and where you need to strive for yourself.

    Our company also did not stand aside.
    XIM and XIMAD will occupy box number 2423 , which can be easily found by the chic two-meter figures - the characters of our new game Star Crusade.

    Star Crusade
    Star Crusade is an online multiplayer collectible card game inspired by games like Magic: the Gathering andHearthstone , but with a unique theme of space fiction. We offer a unique universe, a world of the future in the style of science fiction, in which different cosmic factions are at war with each other. At the GDC, the DEMO version of the game will be presented for the first time and everyone can plunge into the atmosphere of our universe. Star Crusade , like all collectible card games, is the same accessible and understandable. But we tried to take the best from today's analogues of the game and make the game less cartoonish, with a faster change of the game situation and a dynamic storyline. In the future, we plan to implement a card exchange between players. We don’t say anything else to keep the intrigue.

    Magic jigsaw puzzles
    In addition to new directions, the flagship of XIMAD - Magic Jigsaw Puzzles will be presented.(Miracle Puzzles). Puzzles have been and remain a leading application, recognizable and appreciated both abroad and in Russia. This was our first global experiment to turn an ordinary puzzle game into a full-fledged game service. Thus, there are simply no analogues on the market for our application, or rather the range of services and advantages that users acquire thanks to it. We managed to collect more than 5000 virtual puzzles in one application. Thanks to the presence of its own store, each user can choose only those packages that are really interesting to him, without getting lost in several thousand pictures. Players have personal accounts with which they can control all committed actions within the game. We are currently working on improving the social functions of the application,

    XIM Company also presents its product line, focusing on the business line of

    In-Game Analytics.
    Most of the mobile games and applications “burn out”, losing their users due to a misunderstanding of the gaming audience. To avoid this problem, a thorough analysis of the players is necessary. Our in-game In-Game Analytics , a tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of all game events, target user groups and the most important KPIs, such as active users per day / week / month, average income per player, game duration, etc., will help . Using In-Game AnalyticsYou can clearly determine who mainly plays or uses the mobile application and how they behave; when they leave the game; what is most often bought and in what situations, as well as much, much more. Popular gaming analytics programs do not provide as accurate and timely information about the game as In-Game Analytics . If you have questions, we will gladly answer them.

    Multiplatform Solutions Framework
    When you have already figured out who the target audience of the mobile application is and how it behaves, you need to begin to configure it in accordance with the characteristics of users. Multiplatform Solutions Framework comes in handy here.- A tool for flexible configuration of game content and game / application management. The service has a number of significant advantages not only for developers, but also for project managers and the players themselves: speeding up the process of developing a mobile application through the use of ready-made modules, full control of game content and player profiles, version control of the application, and a single profile for all platforms, which allows players are free to play both from a smartphone, tablet, and social networks, saving all purchases and achievements. And this is not an exhaustive list of all the advantages of the service.
    Using analytics and customization, you can improve the monetization of the application and get a higher income. Our partners - XIMAD - use the Multiplatform Solutions Framework in all of their games.

    Automated QA System
    Adapting the application to the requirements of the audience does not guarantee complete success. The constantly “crashed” application with a bunch of bugs and errors will push the players away, and it will be very difficult to return them. There is a need to thoroughly test the application. Test automation will save developers and QA engineers time while simultaneously saving the process from human errors. Detailed reports on the tests conducted will help to better understand the bottlenecks of the application and quickly fix them.

    Video Optimizer
    At the conference, we will demonstrate our capabilities in the field of video optimization and the development of various applications for editing and broadcasting video in real time.
    Video recording requires a lot of hard disk space. Therefore, there is a need to reduce the size of the video, while maintaining its quality. The photo shows a frame from the original 8-second video on the iPad 1080p, 21Mb in size, (left) and optimized, 2 Mb in size (right).

    Optimized video will load faster on the network or broadcast in real time to another device, which will also save Internet traffic. A nice plus of the service is the ability to add various funny effects to the video.

    The service can be implemented both on the client side and on the server side for any popular server, desktop or mobile platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android).

    At the GDC you can meet with our representatives.
    For all questions regarding the services of XIM, send your letters to contact@ximxim.com marked with the name of the program:
    • In-game analytics
    • Multiplatform Solutions Framework
    • Automated QA System
    • Video optimizer

    XIMAD will be attended by Olga Rozhnova, marketing manager, as well as Alexander Konstantinov, director of advertising. For all questions related to the purchase of our traffic, please contact Alexander or send your letters to ad_ops@ximad.com . You can discuss the prospects of cooperation in advertising and UA campaigns with Olga or through a request to marketing@ximad.com

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