How to set up free alerts about problems with your site

    HostTracker provides the ability to receive alerts about the inaccessibility of your site through instant messaging services as an alternative to SMS. Firstly, it is free, and secondly, reliability is improved. About the features of use - under the cut.

    What is it for?

    Since today the vast majority of IT and business workers (namely these people, as a rule, are users of monitoring systems) use smartphones both for personal needs and for work - there’s no problem setting up a mobile client for a popular messenger. This will allow you to receive alerts about the status of the sites being checked for free and save some money, which can be especially true if there are a lot of sites and employees responsible for them. Or vice versa - if the minimum monitoring package is used (monitoring interval - every 30 minutes), which, together with free alerts, makes the service completely free.
    Another point worth mentioning is reliability. Duplicating messages by different methods reduces the risk of accidentally skipping an alert, or preventing a situation where a critical alert will not be delivered due to some kind of technical failure. The only inconvenience is the need to constantly connect to the network, but such programs work even at low connection speeds, and staying in a big city, you can not worry about this problem.

    How to set up notifications?

    HostTracker currently offers two options - Skype and Hangouts (formerly GTalk). Setting them up does not take much time.

    The only caveat - before adding a contact, you must add the address of the HostTracker mail bot to your contact list. It is indicated in the form for adding a contact:

    After creating a contact, you must enter a confirmation code to make sure that the address is entered correctly and the messages arrive.

    Future plans

    Soon we plan to start developing mobile applications. Then another push-notification will appear, as a notification option. But this is a completely different story and this will be written in the corresponding article.

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