Vivaldi Voting for New Features Launched


    A few days ago we gathered from blogs and forums user feedback on adding new features to the Vivaldi browser or improving existing ones. The list was huge - more than 90 features and improvements. We removed from it what has already been implemented or is in the process of implementation, and also so far removed from the list the functions whose implementation in the near future is impossible for various reasons. The final list has 48 points, and they are presented on the voting page .

    The voting rules are simple: you can mark the three most importantIn your opinion, functions that Vivaldi browser really lacks. Thus, developers will be able to add them to their plans, depending on priority. Also remember that this vote is the first, but far from the last - in the future the functions remaining in the list will be added to new polls, which are planned to be carried out after each important release of the Vivaldi browser.

    Thank you for your support and welcome to the survey page !

    Important information

    As you have already noticed, Vivaldi Technologies blog has appeared on Habr. From this day on, all news regarding browser development, the release of new weekly builds and other information of interest only to users of the Vivaldi browser will be published on this blog. In the general hubs (for example, “Browsers”), only the most significant news will be posted - for example, about the release of the public beta version or the final. We invite those who want to keep abreast of all the events related to our project, subscribe to the Vivaldi company blog. Then you will receive first-hand information on the Vivaldi browser in almost real time :)

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