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    In early March, 11 to 17 numbers, Gael Fretor ( by Gael Fraiteur ) arrives in Russia and wants to hold workshops and evening talks in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Gael is known as a person well versed in the depths of .NET and with extensive experience in aspect-oriented programming. Events are free , but registration is required.

    UPD : The stars formed in a strange way and I messed up the dates. Now everything is set as it should. Those who have already registered will receive a message about new dates.



    I hope the .NET community will be interested.

    Most people who have heard anything about PostSharp think that it is only suitable for logging, error handling, and the implementation of INotifyPropertyChange. However, those who dare to dig deeper often change their vision of programming. Forever and ever.

    Even if you think that PostSharp is not for you, by attending the course you will forever change your view on software development.

    Key points of the training
    1. Get a whole new and exciting look at the programming process, design patterns, and what the compiler can do for you. It will be like a breath of fresh air, even if you are not going to use PostSharp.
    2. Learn how to use off-the-shelf solutions from PostSharp Pattern Libraries (threading design patterns).
    3. Understand how to automate your own templates using AOP.
    4. Learn about building automatic verification of architectural decisions in your code.
    5. Get answers directly from the creator of PostSharp!

    Gael started programming as a child - he created and sold the first commercial application at the age of 12 - and has been successfully programming since then. He is the founder and chief engineer at PostSharp Technologies, a widely recognized expert in the world of aspect-oriented programming. Takes part in conferences and meetings in Europe and the United States.

    Gael is not a professional trainer. He is a draft horse that draws most of the product design and development. Choose this training if you want to be inspired by the example of the person who spent the last 10 years developing programming languages ​​and developer tools.

    Come yourself and call your colleagues!

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