Help service whoYOUgle. And it's not a joke!

    imageGnostic Limited Liability Company congratulates the habro-people on the holiday of April 1 (which in ancient Roman times was celebrated as the first day of Spring), and presents a pilot alpha version of the WhoYOUgle project , a universal non-search guide, to the judgment of the Mind. We hope that it will not be difficult to understand its capabilities and functionality, so we will try to outline the goals and objectives of the project.

    If a solution to the problem of searching for texts on the Internet was found in the last millennium, with the help functions of the global web, the task turned out to be more complicated. For high-quality search results, an English-speaking user is sent to Google, a Russian-speaking user to Yandex, a Chinese to Baidu, and a Korean to Naver, but for non-search inquiries, no single address has yet arisen. An advanced user is used to keeping at the ready (either in his head or in bookmarks) dozens of addresses to which he will be converted dollars to yuan, inches to meters, Islamic date to Gregorian, TANSTAAFL will be decrypted, they will tell about domain owners or IP addresses ... The user is less advanced, but persistent, he will begin to search for answers to all these questions in the canonical search engines - and will find, with some luck, spending more time in the general case, than I would like. Another will install help and conversion programs on his mobile phone or desktop. And the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the Network simply will not receive answers to their questions, because they did not know how to ask and did not know the address.

    Obviously, the solution to the problem is not limited to gathering one hundred reference scripts in one place and publicizing them everywhere. If everything was so simple, it is unlikely that the problem would have survived until April 1, 2009. Obviously, there is still some subtle chemistry in the relationship between a person and an electronic reference book that needs to be investigated, understood, felt, and based on the data from these experiments, a convenient, universal service could be found where the user could easily and with pleasure receive answers to his non-search questions .

    We have to study this issue together. The pilot of the WhoYOUgle project presented to your attention today is just a prototype of the Universal Directory that we hope to build on this foundation in the foreseeable future. It's no secret that we are not the first to embark on this trail: there are more than one thousand sites where you can get whois, nslookup, whoami, ping, traceroute services, count the measure, weight, date or currency. Including in the Russian market there are several dozens of similar services and software products (including the most beautiful Convertor for iPhone by Vladimir Kofman and the very comprehensive Nolik.Ru). To collect all this wealth of references under one “roof” so that the user does not feel dizzy and does not run his eyes from all these reference wealth - the task is obviously not trivial and difficult. We at Gnostic LLC expect to solve it with the active assistance of you, users of the service. Do not forget about the “Complaints and Suggestions” link, available from each page of the portal. We are waiting for your feedback, letters, comments, suggestions, suggestions and ideas for cooperation.

    In conclusion, we note the important: we plan to increase the “meat” on the existing skeleton of the WhoYOUgle project continuously. New features and capabilities will be added to the service weekly, and new texts in the BASE section - at least 10 times a day. Part of the future functionality is spelled out in our plans, another part is thought up in a dialogue with the user, according to his requests.

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