How to choose a color for your work

    Edward Tufty in Envisioning Information mentions one way to select a color palette for decoration. He says that it is very good to use the colors of the world around us. A person should be pleased with those color combinations that surround him in a natural pleasant atmosphere on a sunny day.

    Having decided to practice, I took some of my soap-filled photographs, poked them with a pipette and painted the resulting flowers with a small, meaningless template.

    Here is a nice winter landscape.

    There are still photos under the cut, and if you are interested in Tafti, I have links to his books and examples from them on my site.

    Here is a slightly gloomy alpine village.

    Cold cracking glacier.

    And here is a beautiful sunset over the harsh North Sea.

    The most common Russian summer.

    And sandy despondency.

    Something turns out like this, so as an idea - it’ll come down. Any graphic designer, it seems to me, will be able to choose a beautiful palette with the right mood.

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