Last night Amazon fell in Europe

    According to Netcraft, some European sites and video streaming services hosted on Amazon, including,, and, were unavailable this night. Which led to a flurry of complaints all over the Internet.

    The company also provides a graph that illustrates the time of inaccessibility as red risks:

    These problems with accessibility are especially noticeable, since Amazon is one of the largest hosting providers, providing not only access to its sites, but also to the sites and services of thousands of customers.

    According to Netcraft statistics from February 2015, Amazon has about 6% of the total number (about 5 million) of servers in the world. 52 thousand of them are located in Ireland, where their European hosting is located.

    Amazon opened the first of three Irish DCs in 2007. It is noteworthy that more than three quarters of the servers in Ireland are managed by Amazon and they make up 2.7% of all servers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
    The graph shows the percentage growth in the number of servers.

    The American Amazon website - was available, as it is located in the US data center.

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