Find good people

    Hey. Habrausers, I need your brain for a while.

    In the last post, I told you that we are conducting a whole studio to the best of our popular lectures on design. I am now writing the plan for next year, and I would like to ask you - who would you recommend to listen to, or would you listen with pleasure yourself.

    It is possible that it is your acquaintance designer (programmer, layout designer, manager) who can tell about his business so that we all become a little better. You may have accidentally heard such a person. We need everything. I will invite them to us to give a lecture, conduct a master class and record it on video.

    Maybe you yourself can tell us something.

    The main goal of all these movements is to make Samara a center of web development, design and programming. For this, knowledge and movement are needed.

    Write names, links, phone numbers in the comments.

    Looks a bit like New Vasyuki. However, we already have a railway station, it's small.

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