Search plugin for

    Search plugin for, which is suitable for both IE7 + and Firefox2 + (because OpenSearch). The plugin works as follows:
    1. if you entered an html tag or css property existing in the directory, then tags or properties will redirect you to the page;
    2. if you entered a word that does not match any tag or property from the directory, then you will be redirected to search the site and the forum;

    Nothing complicated in general here, such a plug-in is done simply, but for your convenience a server-side script has been written that redirects requests through pages, or sends it to a general search.

    The search plugin is being moderated at, it can be downloaded here - addon No. 51434(do not forget to check the box “Let me install this experimental add-on.”)

    While errors on non-Windows operating systems are being caught, I suggest downloading here .

    PS. Do you think auto-completion is needed?

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