ASP.NET Day: Announcement of Papers

    Friends, C # Developers, and ASP.NET Web Programmers!

    On February 28, 2015 a conference will be held, unique in concentration of specialized information for ASP.NET developers.

    This is the Go # Moscow conference - ASP.NET Day . All speakers have significant experience in developing web applications on the .NET platform, and some are Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.

    8 reports cover topics:
    • future ASP.NET
    • ASP.NET Internals
    • web application performance monitoring
    • ASP.NET application architecture
    • client side

    ASP.NET Day is a great opportunity to improve your professional level, communicate with colleagues in the workshop, as well as with speakers from leading technology companies.

    The Go # format remains unchanged and will provide maximum professional communication. This is one track from short reports, many coffee breaks and several lunch breaks, which are already included in the ticket price.

    As you might have guessed, all sections of the conference are dedicated to ASP.NET:

    The future of ASP.NET

    Andrey Shelekhin ( Tinkoff Bank ) will present a review report
    on the main innovations of ASP.NET vNEXT.

    Andrey Leskov ( Svyaznoy ) will talk about dependency injection

    Evgeny Agafonov ( ABBYY ), Microsoft MVP, on cross-platform development of ASP.NET applications
    using OmniSharp using the * nix example.

    ASP.NET internals

    Sergey Zvezdin ( Code First ), Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director,
    will talk about monitoring ASP.NET applications based on the Application Insights service.

    Vitaly Baum ( BrightBox ) in his report “ASP.NET Internals” will tell
    how the two main letters mVC - View and Controller, how to write your ViewEngine.

    ASP.NET Application Architecture

    Alexander Belotserkovsky ( Microsoft ) on the example of will talk
    about the architecture of a large project and Microsoft Azure Document DB.

    Artem Kolomeeets ( Kaspersky ) - about designing a network infrastructure for SOA ASP.NET projects

    Client side

    Roman Reshetnikov ( DevExpress ) will talk about the new DevExpress product, ASPxRichEdit, how a complex client-server application with a “thick” client is written on TypeScript and .NET, how synchronization issues were solved, and what testing methods were used. Read more on the DevExpress blog .

    This is the first time we are organizing an event that is entirely dedicated to one technology. We specifically limited the number of people to 200, so that you feel the chamber atmosphere of a geek party :)

    In addition, where else will you meet so many ASP.NET developers in one place? We will be glad to see .NET developers of any level, professionals and those who are only interested in ASP.NET development.

    Please note that a special price is valid until February 15th. And also there are wholesale discounts when buying two or more tickets. Come company, together not only more fun, but also more profitable.

    Register soon , there are not so many empty seats :)

    See you at the conference!
    Go Team #

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