I want ThinkServer: your idea is our iron

Greetings to all readers!

Now that all possible results of 2014 have been summed up exactly, conclusions have been drawn, plans have been adjusted and the tasks of the year that has begun have been outlined, we decided to hold a small campaign. Or an experiment. Or a test. You will determine the name that is right for you.

As you all know, today our company offers a wide range of equipment on the market, which you can familiarize yourself with without problems on our website , and also, we love to help interesting and promising projects and sincerely believe that everything will work out, you just need to attach certain efforts. But it so happens that for the realization of a good idea or a start in life, not enough is enough, quite a bit ... for example, an excellent server.
Is your grandiose project ready to conquer the world, and all you need is just a little help at the initial (or not quite initial) stage? Or maybe you have to make a choice on what equipment to build your business, and you are not used to trust other people's reviews and stories, as you like to check everything yourself?

We are ready to give you a server!

Absolutely free, without hidden fees and commissions, without small text at the bottom of the 9th page of a thick contract. The server is provided for your use for several (2-4) months, subject to return conditions.

All we need from you is:
  • a short story about yourself: who you are, what you do;
  • what goals do you set for yourself;
  • At what stage is your “project” now;
  • for what purposes you need our server “like air” and what you intend to do with it;
  • understanding that we provide you with one physical server.

You can send applications now, as soon as you read this text. Write to us at mrakaev@lenovo.com , in the subject line please indicate “ I want ThinkServer ”.
We promise that we will consider and read all your letters. But, unfortunately, we cannot promise that absolutely everyone will be able to receive equipment. Also, please note that we give one server in one hand.

A small FAQ:

How will access to the servers be provided?
You will be provided with a physical server (“in hand”).

What kind of servers do we offer?
Currently 2 configurations are available:

ThinkServer RD540 (2 x Xeon E5-2650v2, 64Gb DDR3, 2 x 300Gb 15K SAS 6Gbps, 4 x 600Gb 10K 6Gbps, LSI 9270CV-8i Controller, 2 x 800W PSU Hot Swap)

ThinkServer RD640 (2 x Xeon E5-2650v2, 128Gb DDR3, 2 x 100Gb, 2 x 300Gb 15K SAS 6Gbps, 4 x 600Gb 10K 6Gbps, 2 x 500Gb 7.2K 6Gbps, LSI 9270CV-8i Controller, 2 x 800W PSU Hot Swap)

Are we discussing equipment?
Yes, at the correspondence stage. We will try to find the most suitable option for you.

Who can take part?
Any citizen of the Russian Federation can take part (submit an application), but we will give preference to small projects that have left the “idea on paper” stage and are ready (or already) for deployment and implementation. We are looking for those who have a debugging project, those who need a working server to fully check the project “in the field”, those who have not yet decided whether to purchase a completely new server or use rental services.

On what conditions is the server given?
Temporary Use Agreement.

If we like the server, can we keep it for ourselves by purchasing, for example?
The model that will be passed to you for the test is not. But you can purchase exactly the same from our partners and transparently migrate your project. We will help you with this.

Will you renew?
We are ready to discuss the extension of the transmission of equipment with each participant individually.

What about support?
During your work with our server, you will be provided with exactly the same technical and warranty support as a full-fledged buyer of our equipment. So you will have the opportunity to evaluate this side of the coin.

Now everything is in your hands. Remember the slogan of our company - “For those who do . ”

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