New structured data validation tool, documentation and more

Original author: Authors: Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Team Analyst, Tatsiana Sakhar, Search Quality Team Analyst, Zach Clifford, Software Development Engineer
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The structured data markup allows you to display additional information from your site in Google search results and services. We are pleased to introduce several updates that will help create markup on the site:

Structured Data Validation Tool

The new Structured Data Validation Tool better shows how Google interprets the layout of structured data on a site page.
Structured Data Validation Tool

The following options are available:
  • Validation for all Google functions based on structured data.
  • JSON-LD markup syntax support, including for pages with dynamic HTML.
  • Visual representation of the structured data elements on your page.
  • Highlighting markup errors directly in the HTML source code.

New documentation and simpler rules

We took into account feedback from webmasters and clarified the description of the supported elements of structured data. The new documentation talks about what markup needs to be added in order to take advantage of some features of the content presentation, and also provides code examples for the various supported syntax options. We plan to replace the old documentation with the new one.

We also simplified and clarified the rules for using structured data . If you believe that a site violates Google’s best practices regarding the quality of rich snippets, please let us know via the spam email form in your rich snippets .

Expanded JSON-LD Support

We have expanded the set of supported elements in the JSON-LD syntax by adding new use cases : company logos and contact information, links to social media profiles, Knowledge Network events, a site link search window and extended event descriptions.

As always, we will be very happy for your feedback and questions that you can ask in the help forum for webmasters .

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