Cloudmouse deleted all virtual servers


Tonight, a notification came from Cloudmouse about the removal of all virtual servers. Prior to this, all servers were unavailable for two days, so the current backup could not be done. Yes, by the way, the backup on their site was also safely destroyed.

Dear users, as a result of a hardware failure, all data of virtual machines, including their backups, was lost. And as a result, we were forced to delete all the virtual machines in the cloud .

At this point, we have found a failure point and fixed it. In the future, this situation will not happen again, since we found the source of the problems and took action.

Our project is already six months old. We have registered over 22,000 users. We ourselves are developing the control panel and cloud infrastructure. During this time, we have gained tremendous experience and are constantly introducing new and modern solutions.

Yes, those who are with us from the very beginning may notice that at first the uptime of the servers was low, but in recent months the situation has changed for the better and they have become available at any time.

We apologize, and we understand that as a result of this, many of your projects did not work and many of them will take time to recover. We are sincerely sorry and of course we understand the full extent of the tragedy. We made a lot of conclusions, and a lot of things have changed in the work of the cloud.

In other words, from today for cloudmouse 2.0 is available, and in it all errors, bugs, data loss - fixed!

At the moment, all technical work is completed, we have changed a lot in the cloud architecture to guarantee the stability and reliability of your virtual servers.

We also increased the speed of virtual servers, about 10-40 times compared with those that were before. Despite the tragedy of data loss, we continue to work on the project.

Believe us once again, what happened once will not happen again, we have corrected the mistakes and gained vast experience, which in the future will help us avoid any such problems.

Create new servers, if you need help in setting up, write us a ticket.

Once again, we apologize to you, and assure you that this is a hardware-software error and we have fixed it.

CloudMouse Development Team

Apparently they do not want to return money, because technical support on this issue is silent.

Who thinks what? Did someone else's servers suffer from such updates?

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