HTTP / 2 (h2-14, spdy4) in Google Chrome 40

    It happened!
    Open: chrome: // net-internals / # spdy, and look.


    Obviously (?), Due to the fact that February is in the yard, and as is known, as an RFC , HTTP / 2 was supposed to be just in February.

    So far I have noticed only on some Google services, such as and, so far I have clicked on the keys and the main one with the other services pulled up.

    It seems that now the development will go a little faster.

    Yandex today wrote how they implemented TLS (with SPDY). Good coincidence.

    I think this is a very important event, and to all those who are skeptical of this entire relates (a fig topic person in the red, I honestly do not understand)- re-read all this, understand that no one offers a panacea, however, at least for free then to reduce the number of handshake - is it really bad?

    What is the difference from spdy 3.1 (basic), it is a special HPACK compression algorithm instead of DEFLATE.

    Hopefully the assumption that nginx will start adding support after RFC will come true soon. It supports SPDY 3.1 now, with 4 letters in the config.

    Forgiveness for brevity and some confusion, but it just should be here today.
    I think all this is the most important movement in http and web in recent years.

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