Part of the Minecraft game code was transferred to Open Source by Microsoft


    Part of the source code of the game Minecraft: Java Edition was legally published on GitHub under a free license by Microsoft.

    The code was opened under the MIT license and is a Brigadier and DataFixerUpper Java libraries . They allow you to parse, send and process user commands, as well as process data for new versions of the game.

    Previously, the main way to see this code for enthusiasts was “decompiling” - converting bytecode back to human-readable Java code. This was enough for many, but, of course, the “source texts” obtained in this way were somewhat harder for perception than the original sources.

    In the future, it is planned to “release” other universal Minecraft subsystems that may be useful for developing other games and simplifying the work of mod-makers. Probably, at the next stage, the source texts of the completely rewritten Blaze3D rendering engine, planned for release in Minecraft version 1.14, will be opened.



    Brigadier is a tool for parsing and dispatching commands. According to the developers, the library uses user input data in Minecraft, and turns them into a function that the game will perform. From the user's point of view, the component looks like a standard console with command syntax highlighting and auto-completion of input.



    DataFixerUpper includes tools for incremental assembly, merging and optimization of data conversion operations necessary to transfer existing game data to new versions of Minecraft.

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