Monetization (commercialization) service of projects

    There are a large number of Internet projects created without taking into account the possibilities of monetization (or the old one :) - commercialization) or with its obvious low efficiency. There is also a large number of specialists and companies that either themselves are successfully engaged in the monetization of their own and other people's projects, or teaching it. Considering that I am a supporter of the theory that every business should be performed by a professional, I propose to create a service that unites people who are successfully involved in these issues, whose goal is to "help" monetize projects that have addressed them. A distinctive feature of it should be that it specializes in this particular area (naturally, with the involvement of other specialists if necessary) and that it works for the result, that is, for the agreed percentage of the income received by the project. In the end, contacting all kinds of search engine optimization companies is nothing more than an attempt to earn more money (and the right direction is not always chosen) - why not immediately offer what they want, i.e. to earn?

    If you are interested, the implementation conditions here are

    More and more affirmed in the thought that something like this is necessary! Nevertheless, everyone should do what is more interesting to him, but no one should remain on the loose. Look at least Habrovsky posts about startups - many claim that they created and launched (are going to) a project, but still do not know how to get money from it. Moreover, most of the questions to him begin with this. The author naturally has to excuse himself with a standard phrase - for himself, for the soul, or whatever else. And then go on to study how you can cut down the money instead of making the project even better (maybe with money that you could already earn). As a rule, the first thing that comes to mind (and is being implemented) is Yandex-direct and google adwords. Now, if monetization experts got involved, everyone would get what they need in the end.

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