Windows 7 Milestone 1 leaked to the network

    According to some English-language blogs, the assembly of Windows 7 under the number 6519 leaked to the network. The first message about this appeared on and later the ISO image got into the torrent network.

    Judging by the first reviews , no major changes have occurred.
    The GUI is practically no different from Vista, and the "gadgets" can now be placed directly on the desktop. There was a "utility for sending reviews," the purpose of which I did not quite understand, a full-fledged bootscreen with a picture of a lone progress bar in Vista, and some other minor innovations.

    You can download the assembly on The Pirate Bay , it weighs 2.91Gb. Many users report problems with SATA and Video drivers during installation.

    UPD: And already, activation instructionsarrived in time for her :)
    And here you can see the screenshots.

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