Tox developers disassociate themselves from Tox Foundation

    Habr more than a year forgot about the free and secure Tox messenger, they say, everything works - and okay.

    Now not everything works, more precisely, everything, but in a slightly different way.

    It turns out that a few months ago a terrible thing happened - a certain Sean Qureshi (also known by many pseudonyms), the head of the Tox Foundation, appropriated the fund’s money and fled to warm countries, refusing to admit his guilt. At the same time domains, and
    remain at his disposal. The developers tried for a long time to get him to return the money and solve the problem by the world, but in mid-July they were forced to make a statement on the blog and transfer resources to a new domain - - and start the promotion from the beginning.

    The developers apologize and promise to avoid repeating this situation in the future.

    PS Do not forget to change Tox repositories to current ones .

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