IBM Launches 50 Projects for the Open Source Developer Community


    IBM has announced the launch of a new developer platform featuring cutting-edge open source technologies. In addition, IBM will launch 50 projects for the open source community, the goal of which will be to accelerate the introduction of services in enterprises and stimulate a new class of innovation in the field of mobility and analytics, as well as other rapidly growing areas.

    developerWorks Open- A cloud platform where developers have access to the latest IBM solutions, technical knowledge and experience of the company. In addition, the platform allows you to interact with a global network of programmers to accelerate the creation and implementation of projects. Developers will be able to not only download the code, but also visit blogs, watch videos, get access to tools and techniques that will help them in their work. Thanks to the platform, programmers will be able to more quickly create and implement open source applications that would meet the various business requirements of customers.

    Today's open source community development model does not take into account key strategic business requirements. To solve this problem, IBM launches a number of industry projects in the field of healthcare, mobile technologies, retail, insurance and banking, which are aimed at fulfilling real business tasks.

    This announcement once again confirms IBM’s commitment to open source software support strategies. For more than 20 years, the company has led the open-source software movement and has attracted thousands of programmers to develop open source software. The goal of this initiative is to remove obstacles that prevent developers from creating open source supported applications that can solve real business problems.

    Among the vast array of technologies that are already featured on the developerworks Open portal, IBM has opened access to projects in key areas, so developers can use the most advanced solutions. Moreover, IBM will launch these services on its Bluemix cloud platform for software development.

    For example, IBM will open source for many applications in the MobileFirst portfolio of mobile solutions. They are designed to help service developers who seek to enter the market of healthcare, retail insurance and mobile banking.

    • The IBM Ready App for Healthcare is an application that, using a mobile device, helps you monitor the progress of patient care while taking a physiotherapy course at home.
    • IBM Ready App for Retail will help to improve the quality of customer service, provide an individual approach and change the consumer's perception of shopping in stores through the use of direct communication channels.
    • IBM Ready App for Insurance helps improve the relationship between homeowners and insurers, and also uses a variety of IoT services to synchronize your home with utility meters.
    • IBM Ready App for Banking will help financial institutions meet the needs of business owners in mobile solutions, as well as attract new customers.

    Moreover, IBM opens the source code for several technologies from the field of analytics, including:

    • Activity Streams will provide developers with a sample coding model and format to describe how users interact with the application and with each other.
    • Agentless System Crawler provides a single cloud monitoring and analytics system with the ability to monitor all types of cloud platforms and runtimes.
    • IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is a solution through which everyone can access the analytic capabilities of the Spark platform. Beta is available on Bluemix.

    IBM will also continue to open source cloud data services, including:

    • IBM Object Storage on Bluemix Service Broker can be used to integrate OpenStack Swift and Cloud Foundry to provide quick access to data in the cloud, no matter where it is located.

    DeveloperWorks Open launched during an important period for cloud service developers. Organizations are looking to maximize the benefits of using multiple cloud environments. For example, when creating cloud applications, a developer needs a service for storing video and editing photos in order to insure against claims. It may be difficult to find programs and implement them. developerWorks Open helps you choose the solution that has the most industry support.

    “IBM is convinced that open source is a key factor in the innovative development of applications in the cloud,” said Dr. Angel Diaz, vice president of Cloud Architecture and Technology, IBM. “With developerWorks Open, we are opening source code for IBM’s leading-edge solutions that we believe can help grow the community and become known technologies."

    Today, IBM is actively involved in more than 150 open source projects, including Spark, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Open Contain Project, Node.js, CouchDb, Linux, Eclipse, and Apache. The company has already established partnerships with the latter. Participation in such projects helps to expand knowledge and practical skills of working with IBM software products. The developerWorks Open program has been a notable step in implementing IBM’s strategy, in which the company supports the business in delivering innovative solutions and innovating with cloud computing.

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