Jammer: jamming GSM, 3G, 4G, WiMAX, Yota

    We live in a free country. Anyone can buy a “toy” for which a fine of $ 112,000 shines in the USA (jammers are also outlawed in England, EU countries, Australia, Canada, India, Singapore , etc. )

    As long as there is a possibility (“until I realized the burdock”), I took a review of one of the popular civil jammers.

    Overview of the 5-channel jammer GRN40-A5

    In 2012, the issue of the widespread use of GSM jammers in public places was discussed .
    In 2014, Russian developers presented their device for the exam.
    In 2014, Hacker magazine recognized jammer as a useful gadget.
    In February 2015, an African attackerdragged the jammer into parliament .

    Interestingly, the fun began and anti-jammers (and detectors of jammers) appear on the jammers, and on them, in turn, jammers of anti-jammers and so on appear.
    Total output power: 12 W
    Device size: 21 * 17 * 6 mm
    Weight of the device: 2 kg
    Power supply: AC: 110 / 220V - DC: 5V, 12A
    Power consumption of the device: 30 W
    Suppressed systems:
    CDMA-800, GSM-900 and GSM-1800, PHS-1900, 3G, 4G, LTE, WIMAX
    Operating temperatures -40 ℃ to + 55 ℃
    Effective suppression distance adjustable, from 1 to 80 m (depending on the proximity of the base station and other conditions)

    This is how our parents see jammers:

    Relevance The

    search query "jammer" in google.com/trends and wordstat.yandex.ru The

    legal side of the issue of the
    Use of technical means of suppressing the signals of mobile phones and other means of radio communication is in the field of state-regulated. For the legal use of cell phone locks, these devices must be certified for use in the Russian Federation and properly registered. The manufacturer or seller (importer) is responsible for the certification of devices. The registration of such equipment is carried out by the owner, and for each device used, a separate certificate must be obtained indicating the identification data of this device.

    The normative base in this matter is Federal Law “On Communications” N 126-ФЗ dated 07.07.2003 and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 539 dated October 12, 2004 “On the Procedure for the Registration of Radio-Electronic Means and High-Frequency Devices”. Also, the SCRF decision No. 05-10-03-001 “On the allocation of the radio frequency band 0.1-1000 MHz for radio noise generators used as information protection means” may be of some interest, however, please note that this resolution applies only to suppression means radio communications operating in the range up to 1 GHz.

    The quadcopter with which I was looking for a sniper . Although the 2.4 GHz frequency is not working for this jammer assembly, anyway, on approaching the device, the quadrocopter stops responding to the remote control signals.

    Inside. The boards are tightly attached to the thick case of the radiator, which allows cooling without a noisy fan. Each band has its own antenna and its own board. Composition: voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), amplifier, noise generator, modulator

    description of elements of a similar jammer

    JA-918 portable. A portable GSM jammer with a frequency synthesizer and the formation of GSM frames
    detailed description here

    Rear panel. Here you can tweak the frequencies for each antenna. American colleagues even wrote a post on how to disassemble a budget Chinese jammer and reconfigure it to American frequencies. In our case, you need to unscrew the special cover on the rear panel.

    There is the ability to adjust the power for each jamming range.

    Jammer is not such a difficult thing and you can assemble it yourself, there are many schemes and manuals on the network.

    English post about how to make a GSM jammer for the

    Wi-Fi jammer itself. Detailed video instruction for the manufacture of jammers. Additional materials here .

    Military and anti-terrorism jammers

    Jammers are used by special services during the storming of buildings, as well as to prevent the operation of remote explosive devices
    more photos and video


    Russian jammer

    Berlin hackers

    With the help of a budget car and several budget tubes, the Germans for DoS or Berlin

    They made a jammer from a cheap mobile phone and jammed it with other cellular ones
    (as well as paging attacks, SMS capturing, identity theft, more details in the article )
    Publication of Hacked Feature Phone Can Block Other People's Calls in the MIT Technology Review Presentation

    Frequencies and Standards

    frequencies of various communication standards of Russian operators

    Stub strips

    disassembled case and antennas

    there are more antennas

    we check the ether on a hackspace spectrum analyzer

    check all 5 antennas from and to
    First antenna



    Second antenna



    Third antenna

    Something is happening on the air, but soon we will eclipse it.

    Our work



    Fourth antenna



    Fifth antenna



    African jammer dragged such a jammer to the parliament in Africa.

    I express gratitude to jammer.su store for the provided

    P.S. equipment. If anyone has interesting ideas or questions, you can come to the hackspace and test the device yourself.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Which review should be done next?

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    • 65.4% Wi-Fi and Bluetooth jammer (goodbye to quadrocopters, FireChat and Mesh networks) 717

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