Vivaldi Browser - Over 400 Thousand Downloads


    Today, Jon von Techner shared the good news on his blog . In the week since the first public test version of Vivaldi was released, more than 400 thousand users downloaded the browser from our site. This is a very good result, which shows your interest in what we are doing. At the same time, this figure speaks of the correctness of our choice - a browser such as Vivaldi, which returns to the world of browsers the tradition of creating an application for users and together with users, allowing you to control the browser, and not vice versa, was in demand in a very close market. This number of downloads gives us an incentive to develop Vivaldi even more actively in order to offer you the first stable and sufficiently functional (for the first version, of course) release as quickly as possible.

    As I already said, now we will release a new test version weekly, and yesterday we already offered you the first such assembly , which includes both bug fixes and improvements to some functions. Of course, while Vivaldi is far from what you would like to see in the browser. But I can say that we think the same way - at the moment we are only at the very beginning of the list of the functionality that we are already planning to add to our browser. By sending us your wishes , you can both change the priority of adding new functions, and expand this list. And, of course, we are looking forward to hearing from you about errors found - they will help to make the browser stable, fast and reliable.

    PS By the way, both in browser downloads and among visitors to our sites and , the Russian audience is confidently leading. Which, however, is not surprising: nowhere have they loved the old Opera so much as in Russia.

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