Windows 10 comes on Raspberry Pi 2

Original author: Scott Hanselman
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I am a genuine Raspberry Pi fan. I use three pieces at home, one for a multimedia center , one for 3D printing, and one just to play. Now I have even more good, after the news that the Raspberry Pi 2 was announced . For $ 35, I get a computer that you can put in your pocket, and which has some great points:
  • She is still small! Raspberry Pi B + sized. What worked for me will continue to work. ;)
  • HDMI! Ethernet! Port under the camera!
  • Micro USB for power!

  • Quad-core 900 MHz ARM Broadcom Cortex A7 with BCM2836 on a chip - 3 to 6 times faster performance. Wow.
  • 1 gig of RAM (shared with GPU)

In general, I like to use the Raspberry Pi as a separate device (“Dedicated Device”).
Of course, it is a general-purpose computer, but it is so cheap and powerful that it can be used for one specific task, and it will work perfectly.

For example, to track if something has leaked in the basement and write if the sensor senses that it has become wet. Minecraft for kids. Server for 3D printing . Emulator of small toys . Open source media player.
Now, it seems, you can write universal Windows applications on the Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 !
And it- Windows 10 comes to Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi Foundation  announced the Raspberry Pi 2, and Windows 10 will support it. And all this will be available for free under the Windows Developer Program for IoT  (a little later). Last year, Microsoft announced the Windows Developer Program for IoT and Windows support on Intel Galileo . Today, Windows is even more suitable for RPi2 developers.

This means that (theoretically), your universal application can be run on Surface Pro 3. And on Windows Phone. And on the Raspberry Pi 2. And the Raspberry Pi 2 can be the very same device on which this application will work. All this can be written on familiar code, tools and using the same techniques.
It is clear that universal applications are what you need to use in Windows 10, from a development perspective. Great development experience, APIs, tools, cross-compilation, all on the Raspberry Pi 2, phones, tablets, Xbox, cloud and earth. I am very hacked by all this.

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