GPS control for personal use (Conclusion)

    In the final part of the article, I will talk about the ViaLatM system and announce the new ViaLatM Lighthouse and Tracker application for Android smartphones.

    ViaLatM service

    System development has been underway since August 2014.

    The system has Russian and English interfaces.

    The system can be used for personal monitoring and monitoring of small car parks.

    The system works great on tablets and smartphones even with low resolution screens.

    The system supports various personal trackers, telematics devices, applications and protocols.

    The only limitation of the free version is that the story is stored for 12 months .

    Useful features of the system

    • Cartography: OpenStreetMap, Yandex People’s, Yandex Satellite, Yandex Traffic, Google Satellite, Google Roads, Bing Roads, MapQuest, OpenCycleMap.
    • Geofences: a polygon (a convenient opportunity is to quickly delete the last created point), a rectangle, a circle.
    • You can monitor multiple devices at the same time.
    • The composition of the information fields that are displayed in a pop-up window (when you click on the tracker icon) can be configured.
    • It is possible to quickly (through the tracker icon) go to its information panel.
    • Within your account, you can create additional users who can monitor and generate reports, but cannot change information and device settings.
    • For any selected tracker, you can create observers (they can only monitor the device). Access for observers can be limited in time. At any time, it can be discontinued.
    • For the devices of your account, you can set the parameters by which notifications are generated (low charge, speeding, delay in communicating).
    • It is possible to send commands to devices via GPRS channels.
    • Quickly (from the application window) reference information is available and the ability to contact technical support.

    The system has a developed reporting system. Reports can be obtained in the form of graphs and charts. Reports can be created directly in the application window, or in external files. In preferences, the user sets the format of reports generated in external files. Currently available formats are: HTML, RTF, PDF, OpenDocument Text Document, OpenDocument Spreadsheet, MS Excel MS Word 2007, MS Excel 2007, MS PowerPoint 2007, CSV.

    Application "ViaLatM Lighthouse and Tracker"

    A simple and convenient android application for GPS monitoring. Well integrated with ViaLatM service. With it, you can let relatives and friends know where you are right now, keep your family, friends and colleagues informed about the time you arrive at your scheduled meetings. Allows you to save and analyze the history of walks and travels.

    Application page on Google Play

    Application section on

    Integration with ViaLatM service

    • The entire range of mapping providers supported by ViaLatM.
    • Ability to monitor multiple devices in your account.
    • Working with geofences and setting up event notifications.
    • A complete set of reports provided by ViaLatM.

    Key features

    • It works in two modes: “Lighthouse” - periodic fixation of the current location and “Tracker” - formation of a movement path. In addition, in both modes, one-time registration of the current location is allowed.
    • The application does not require registration. Just install it on your smartphone.
    • To transfer their location to observers, a special link is generated on the website (registration for access to this link is not required).
    • The link can be sent to anyone by SMS, email or using any other service installed on your smartphone.
    • The validity period of a link is set at the time of its creation and can be changed or terminated at any time.
    • The ability to conveniently select operating modes. For “Mayak”, the interval through which the current location is fixed is set, for “Tracker” the quality of the generated track is set. Moreover, in all cases, it is possible to fine-tune the operating modes.
    • The “Beacon” mode can be started even if the localization on the smartphone is completely turned off. In this case, the location will be determined by the cell towers.

    Additional features

    • Battery saving (setting the interval of the GPS receiver).
    • Saving mobile Internet traffic in tracker mode: setting the interval for sending coordinates to the server; setting the data transfer mode only through the Wifi channel; packing data packets when transferring them to the server.
    • Setting additional message attributes that are sent to the server.
    • Setting the flag for disabling the "Tracker" mode when receiving a signal about a low battery charge.
    • Setting actions when restarting the smartphone.
    • Setting a flag to prohibit the use of mobile Internet in roaming.
    • The ability to fine-tune the modes of "Beacon" and "Tracker" - setting the time and distance of updating coordinates, the accuracy of determining the location.
    • Display on the information screen of the number of points not sent, data on the last track and the last location registration.

    Use cases

    To let loved ones know where you are right now, just start the “Beacon”, create a link and send it to the recipients. By default, the location fix mode is set every 15 minutes (this allows you to economically use the battery life of the smartphone). By following the link on the Internet, loved ones will know your current location.

    If you want to let your family or friends know about the time of your arrival at the meeting, uncheck “Use only WiFi” in the tracker settings (wifi is usually not available on the way), create a link and send it to the recipients. Launch Tracker. Information about your movement will be transmitted to the server every 5 minutes and available to the recipients - they will know whether you are delayed, or arrive on time.

    If you want to save the history of your walk or trip, check the “Use only WiFi” checkbox in the tracker settings (to save mobile Internet traffic). Launch Tracker. After the walk, stop the tracker. Information about your track will be transmitted and available when a WiFi connection is established on the smartphone.


    The main tasks in developing the service and application were simplicity and ease of use. The service and applications for it will be actively developed and improved, but these tasks will always be the most important.

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