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    Whether it is a complaint or not, you are the judge. Sberbank employees themselves say that everything is legal and logical. So, the story of the experience of using the services of Sberbank:

    I opened a book account and a plastic card in Sberbank. The main capital lies on the book and sometimes I use the Sberbank system to transfer money online from the book to the card, and usually this procedure took about 2 hours, which I was “incredibly happy”.

    One fine day, I decided to go to another city for the holidays and it took me 20 thousand rubles. There was no branch near, it was evening, I was leaving early in the morning the next day, so I used the Sberbank service online.

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    He transferred the money and went to bed calmly. In the morning there was no money on the card, I did not receive any SMS notification. But in the mail there was an email saying that the operation was canceled. For what reason - it is not said, as well as any other information in this letter was not.

    I decided to postpone the trip and go to Sberbank in the morning immediately to the opening. Arrived, talked heart to heart with managers. He described his situation, that I am leaving and that I need money here and now. They assured me that this was some kind of misunderstanding and that the money could be transferred to the card right now and without waiting in line. Well, b * d with them, you think, was delayed for 4 hours. The money was transferred and I went to a gas station with a calm soul, and then I intended to leave the city. When paying for gasoline, it turned out that there was still no money on the card. I call the support of Sberbank, there I am nicely reported that the transfer of money can take two days!

    The mood in the morning has already been spoiled, I break off from the gas station back to Sberbank (well, gas still remained in the tank), I go all in soap to the department and publicly resent. It turned out that they did not understand the fact that I need money right now, and if that is so, then be so kind as to get the money in cash. And the initial amount that I transferred in the morning hung in the astral plane, i.e. it is no longer on the book, and not yet on the card. There is no other way, we have to withdraw this amount again. In a word, the money came to the card only the next day (well, did the necessary amount of money still remain on the book, and if not?). And this despite the fact that both the card and the passbook were opened in one branch of the bank. Here they are, electronic technology.

    I decided to write a post because of other situations that occurred several hours ago and overflowed the patience.

    Passed by Sberbank and decided to drop by, pay for utilities, namely, to pay for the use of natural gas. I stood in line, it turned out that these services are now paid only through the terminal. Pleased ... I went to the terminal, entered the personal account, the date and saw the amount taken from the ceiling (2 thousand more than I calculated). By the way, I have a counter and I can’t find out how much I owe them, but I can’t change this amount displayed on the terminal. I found out the address of the nearest branch where you can pay for natural gas through a cashier. I went there, again stood in line, but this time paid, and lost almost all of the cash.

    A few hours later I had to run to the radio store, where there is no terminal. 50 rubles was not enough to pay for the order. I decided to look for an ATM in the district and literally 10 meters from the store I found an ATM of another bank. Knowing that the information on interest charged should now be displayed on the ATM screen, I decided with good conscience to withdraw 100 rubles (0% commission was displayed on the ATM), paid for the purchase, and already received an SMS from Sberbank in the car. It said that I took 100 rubles, and the commission was 120 rubles! Just think a penny, but the fact that I was deceived by nae , even for 120 rubles, is present.

    I called the support of the bank, in whose ATM I took 100 p. They assure me that they do not charge any commission, please contact your bank. I’m calling Sberbank - they inform me quite calmly that the minimum commission for withdrawing cash from other ATMs is 100 rubles, even if I withdraw 10 or 50 rubles there. Those. the client is to blame, I mean. Last year, when I was withdrawing money from other ATMs, there was no such commission. He got a card about two years ago, and not a word is said in the commission agreement at least 100 rubles.

    This is how the most ubiquitous bank in Russia works.

    PS And I do not understand the point of paying a commission when paying fines to traffic police. It’s really cheaper and easier for the inspector to personally give money ...

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