CSS Pivot: A Collaborative Website Design Platform

    Many people use various plugins to improve the appearance of their favorite sites: save them from advertising, change the design, etc. For example, there is a good Stylebot plugin for Google Chrome. All this is wonderful, but only one problem: you cannot easily share the results of your work on changing the site design with others. The CSS Pivot service (from Stylebot developers) is designed to solve this problem.

    CSS Pivot allows you to apply your own CSS styles to any site - and share this URL with other people. Neither installation of extensions to the browser is required (that is, it works in any browser), nor registration in the service. Sites are loaded in an iframe.

    Just go to www.csspivot.com, from there you open the site and in the pop-up window you prescribe your styles for it. Then they can be saved and made available to others. For example, here are some examples of new styles for Metafilter , Readability , Apple-style websites in Android , Reddit (clicking on the icon in the upper left corner changes the look of the site to its original one). For each site, CSS Pivot shows a catalog of the created modified versions. You can open any of them and change to your taste. Now most of the mods are made for Google (100 pieces). CSS Pivot is written in Python and runs on AppEngine. According to the founders of this startup (and recently he received venture financing of $ 2.3 million

    ), website modification is a growing trend on the Internet. They estimate that by the end of 2012, up to 50 million site modifications per day will be created.

    CSS Pivot is a convenient tool for designers, now it’s easier for them to demonstrate their work to the customer, as well as experiment with other people's designs.

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