Templater - template manager and tweaker for MantisBT


MantisBT is an open- source web server application for managing projects and tasks ala Redmine . In my last article, I examined a problem relevant to this project - the lack of templates and the gloom of the interface. Here is the link to the previous post. After all the discussions, I decided to develop the topic, and wrote a plugin for MantisBT, with which you can apply custom design templates. Actually I present to you this plugin - Templater v1.0 .

TemplaterIt is designed as a standard plugin for MantisBT and can apply custom templates to the application. Since the developers of MantisBT do not really focus on design and layout, templater'e templates are based on 40% on redefining css-rules and 60% on "gutting" DOM. Perhaps not the most beautiful option, but it is efficient and so far the only one. In addition, creating your own template and feeding it to templater is very simple - just create several folders and files with the appropriate code.

Just Templater is small and tweaker for MantisBT. Using the plugin, you can enable several useful features and turn off some sore bugs . The list of useful tweaks will grow over time.

In the first Persian templater there are two templates: DarkBlue (a modified version of the template from the previous post) and DarkRed (based on the DarkBlue template, but it has a dark red color).

In general, I did not spend much on this, but I am pleased with the result. I would like to share this result with you, to hear your opinion.
Here is a link to the plugin repository . In it you can read a more detailed README.md, which describes all the features of the Templater template engine and the templates themselves, learn how to install the plugin on your MantisBT.

PS So far, the plugin has been tested on the mantis versions 1.2.17, 1.2.18, 1.2.19 . For 1.3.0 beta I can not say anything.

UPD 01/31/2015. Updated plugin version - v1.1. In versions of mantisbt 1.3.X now all tweaks work, and the DarkBlue-1.3.X template is also added for this version

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