Firefox + Vim == Vimperator

    Especially for deep connoisseurs of both products, the Vimperator extension , which adds Vim-style controls to Firefox.

    • Vim-style keyboard shortcuts (h, j, k, l, gg, G, 0, $, ZZ ,, etc.)
    • Ex commands (: quit ,: open , ...)
    • Tab completion for all commands
    • Silent navigation of links “Hit-a-hint” (after pressing 'f', links are highlighted with one- or two-letter shortcuts, typing which you can follow the links)
    • Advanced auto-completion for bookmarks and history (search not only in the URL, but also in the page title)
    • Vim style status bar with wget style progress bar
    • Minimalist GUI (hide unnecessary menus and toolbar with: set guioptions =)
    • Ability to do: source for javascript files and use the ~ / .vimperatorrc file to store settings
    • Simple quick search (: open foo will search for foo on google,: open ebay terminator will search for the terminator on ebay) with support for Firefox keyword bookmarks and search engines
    • For many teams, a quantity modifier is supported (3H will return 3 steps back)
    • Beep on errors (: set nobeep to turn off)
    • Support for marks (ma) to set the label 'a' on the page, 'a to go to it)
    • QuickMarks support (quick access to previously marked pages with go {a-zA-Z0-9})
    • Command support: map (and feedkeys () for those who write scripts)
    • Detailed help explaining all commands, mappings and options

    • I hope deep connoisseurs will appreciate :)

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