Google will pay 10 million developers of programs for Android

    Yesterday, Google’s representatives made an interesting statement saying that the company formed a prize fund for software developers for its latest offspring - a new operating system for mobile phones called Android.
    The prize pool is $ 10,000,000. The

    awards will be distributed both among the developers of the new software for Android, and among those who make the existing code (recall that the new platform from Google is open source) more perfect and functional.

    The prize fund will be distributed as follows:
    Amounts of $ 25,000 will go to 50 developers.
    Another 10 lucky ones will receive prizes of $ 100,000.
    And finally, the top ten "best of the best" will break off for $ 250,000 from this boiler.

    Against the background of Apple’s constant struggle with enthusiastic programmers trying to modify the iPhone program code, Google’s move seems reasonable and Internet giant is likely to do its job - Android will quickly get a lot of different software and attention among the masses.

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