TM presents TM Feed

    After highlighting a new Geektimes project from Habrahabr, users rightly complained about the difficulty of reading publications on two sites at once. In the comments on the announcement of the launch of Megamind , the number of dissatisfied only increased, so we decided to correct and made a separate service for reading publications from all projects in one place. So, meet TM Feed . TM Feed is an experimental publication aggregator from Habrahabr, Megamind and Geektimes. There are several settings available to visitors, with the help of which you can sort the results both this and that way. The system is able to remember user activity and at the next call it will show the sorting that was at the time of the last visit.

    A link to TM Feed is available in the navigation panel and is available on all TM projects. Visually, the aggregator looks like a simplified issue of publications on one of the three projects mentioned above, with the only difference being that the issue consists exclusively of links to publications. Next to each link are the main metrics: views, comments and favorites. The rating of publications is displayed only after the end of the voting period for them - you can vote only on the publication page itself after reviewing it.

    We will definitely expand the capabilities of TM Feed. This is our experimental project, single-page application, in it we will test new technologies that were not previously used in TM projects. In the foreseeable future we can expect:

    »Authorization and personalization of the publication feed;
    »Technical and cosmetic improvements.

    Other project changes

    »Changed invoice accrual thresholds at Habrahabr, Megamind and Geektimes. Previously, the publication should have scored 100 points so that the author received an additional invitation, now this threshold has been reduced to 50 points. Also, on each of the projects the number of specialized hubs has been increased.
    »Upon successful passage of the Sandbox on" Habrahabr "or" Megamind ", an invite is automatically sent to the user on Geektimes;
    »On all three projects, the user rating has been recalculated - now it is more dynamic and less monumental.

    TM Feed - Test and submit ideas.

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