Extension for normal selection of text inside a link in browsers

    In yesterday's post about the Vivaldi browser, the topic of normal selection of text inside the link again surfaced, as in the old Opera. It is especially relevant for browsers on WebKit / Blink.

    For many, the problem is solved by installing a special extension for the browser.

    So, there is an extension called Select like a Boss, which was created by Dzianis Rusak. Just put it in the browser - and the link text with horizontal mouse movement is highlighted as plain text, and with vertical - drag and drop.

    This extension is for Opera (Blink), Chrome and Firefox. As a Safari user, I wanted the same. Because google quickly finds the source of the extension on Github, then I just took the Javascript code, packed it into the extension for Safari - and cheers, now I can also select the text normally.

    It seems to me that I was not the only one who was tormented with this problem, and the extension may be useful to someone.

    Extension for Safari: Sources on Github | install in Safari

    Explanation: the author of the extension and the JS code in it is Dzianis Rusak, for which he thanks a lot :). I just repackaged its code so that it works as an extension in Safari.
    Nevertheless, the extension can be forked and finished;) (some people even fixed something there).

    For other browsers:
    Extension for Chrome
    Extension for Opera Blink
    Extension for Firefox

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