(Kiev) Recruitment for the course “IT-project management“ it.Projects ”using the PMBOK standards”

    The MUK Training Center announces the recruitment of students to the it.Projects IT Project Management using PMBOK standards training group.
    This 3-day course of practical use of the general methodology and basic project management tools as applied to IT projects, as well as the use of industry best practices for launching, planning, implementing, monitoring and completing IT projects.

    Benefits for the course participants:
    • Effective methods for launching, planning, implementing, monitoring and closing IT projects
    • Discussing the pros and cons of various methods of developing information technologies
    • Methods for determining resource requirements and tools for tracking and monitoring the project
    • Best practices for identifying, analyzing and risk management
    • Best practices for the implementation of IT projects in accordance with the schedule, within the budget, in accordance with the technical requirements, and in order to satisfy the client.

    Topics include:
    • Overview of IT project management
    • project life cycle and their adaptation
    • Starting a Project
    • Requirements Management
    • Planning and coordination of the project plans
    • Determination of
    • Scheduling
    • Budget planning
    • Planning protivoriskovyh events
    • Communications Planning
    • Project Change Management
    • Monitoring and project control
    • Verification and acceptance of project results
    • Project completion

    You can learn more about the course on the website at training.muk.ua/courses/project-management-institute/6643

    For all questions, as well as to drown the cost of courses, you can contact the staff of the MUK training center:
    +380 (44) 492 -29-29
    +380 (44) 594-98-98

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