Mozilla Firefox

    An official version of Mozilla Firefox has appeared on official servers. According to the official release , the new version significantly improved browser compatibility with Windows Vista, and also fixed several security issues, including buffer overflow in the SSLv2 library, the potential to receive data from the cache, spoof website addresses or suspend the browser ( more ).

    Download Mozilla Firefox
    - Firefox Setup , mirror (5.73Mb, Russian version)
    - Firefox Setup , mirror (6.33Mb, Russian version)

    Developers have not yet stopped supporting the 1.5.0.x branch, so Mozilla Firefox version also appeared at the same time:
    - Firefox Setup (4.92Mb, Russian version)
    - Firefox Setup (4.94Mb , Russian version)

    Within a couple of days, new versions will automatically begin to be distributed through the built-in update system, so immediately downloading installation files makes sense only to those who are pleased to have everything new on the computer and who do not mind the traffic (updates through the built-in system usually take less 1 megabyte).

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