Bike 2.0

    Today I saw a grasshopper on the website of Habrahabr congratulating on the Defender of the Fatherland Day. After clicking on the grasshopper, every normal person would like to see a congratulation after a click. I also wanted ... but the click just led to the site . What a wonderful congratulation!

    Lyrical digression.
    <------------------------> I wanted a congratulation, but on you - an advertisement!

    It became interesting what kind of system it is.

    The system has advantages , but they resemble a beautiful pattern on the sole - well, but there is no practical benefit.

    I saw such disadvantages :

    1. Name ... I immediately want to go to and compare whether they have taken the logo.

    2. Gradient gray thing.

    3. "Find in Webalta."
    - So it’s known that I will search “in Webalta”

    4. “1,060,720,022 documents with a volume of 28,720 GB are available for search”
    - The same thing is that “we are 149,600,000 km away from the sun, but it weighs 1,99x10 (in thirtieth) kg "

    5. They returned the search results - and there is the" Add to Favorites "icon
    - I’m directly burning with desire, without opening the site, add it to my favorites. Just like a beginner site creator: "found a script, put it and sits joyful."

    (These five cons immediately caught my eye. If you see more, you are welcome to tell.)

    What do I mean
    And to the fact that this is the invention of a worse than already existing bicycle.

    Ordinary usersthey won’t leave Google and Yandex - why, because they’re already used to it, but on everything is somehow complicated.

    Advanced users (and all sorts of maniacs) especially will not leave their favorite search engines - they know too much about what is good and what is bad.

    And immediately see the unprofessionalism of the company.

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