Usability - one Redmine plugin that provides tons of useful little things

    Using Redmine in a corporate environment, you are always faced with the fact that something is missing in the interface. Either the link needs to be replaced somewhere, the task list does not fit on the tablet screen, then the pictures do not open in a new window.

    Correcting all these minor troubles, we gave birth to the Usability plugin. Next I will tell you about this plugin, which I am ready to share with the community.

    The plugin allows you to enable or disable useful options. I’ll tell you about them and the prerequisites that resulted in options, in more detail.

    Option number 1. The ability to collapse and expand the side panel.

    It can be very useful to collapse the sidebar, the code does not have enough screen width to see some tabular data. The status of the sidebar is remembered for the current user, so when clicking on the links there is no need to minimize the panel each time.

    You can also change the width of the sidebar without editing the css file.

    Option number 2. The ability to replace the help link.

    Redmine, by default, generates a help link to in the main menu, which cannot be overridden from the interface.

    This is not very convenient. Users intuitively click on this link and get to the English help page for Redmine developers. Usability plugin allows you to replace the link. For example, the Redmine Wiki page.

    Option number 3. Download attachments in one archive.

    In Redmine there are tasks to which a large number of files are attached. For example, tasks with design layouts. It’s not very convenient to download task attachments from a single file.
    By turning on the option, you will get the link “Download attachments in one archive”. Files will be archived automatically.

    Option number 4. Display images in a separate window with the ability to scroll.

    There are a number of other plugins that implement this feature. But we decided to implement this option in our plugin, because we do not like it when plugins implement very narrow functionality.

    A very useful option for designers tasks.

    Option number 5. Knock down the amounts in columns in the queries.

    This option allows you to tame the sums by the numerical values ​​of the columns in the task queries. You can configure any sample of tasks using the wide filtering capabilities and estimate the total number of estimated or actual hours.

    Option number 6. Default page override.

    The boxed Redmine redirects the user to the home page. When using Redmine in a corporate environment, this is not always logical. This option allows you to define the default page for users.

    Option number 7. Informative error page.

    During development, it happened that Redmine users received an error message in the form of a white window. Not all employees reported an error. Over time, we made an informative error message with administrator contacts and the ability to create a one-click error correction request.

    I have listed far from all the options that our plugin implements. I am sure that the Usability plugin will be useful to those who use Redmine in their daily work.

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