PHDays V: Botnet Detection, NFC Tricks, and Social Engineers Competition


    The Fifth International Forum on Practical Safety Positive Hack Days will be held May 26 and 27, 2015 at the Moscow World Trade Center. The conference, organized by Positive Technologies, will bring together leading cyber defense experts and the hacker world elite, government officials and large business leaders, young scientists and journalists.

    In early December, the acceptance of applications from those wishing to speak at PHDays V started, and now we are announcing the first group of participants who have entered the main technical program of the forum.

    Shodan creator in Moscow

    One of the key events of PHDays will be the performance of John Matherley, creator of " the worst scary search engine ."

    How to open a botnet

    Botnet owners seek to make it difficult to detect management servers that monitor infected computers. To do this, they use various masking methods, including special domain generation algorithms (DGA). With their help, it is possible to register domains formed by a pseudo-random principle, for example, depending on the current date: a constantly changing address of the management server makes it difficult to detect.

    Bambenek Consulting’s chief cyber-detective John Bambenek will talk about how to reverse engineer DGA algorithms to detect botnets and obtain information about their configuration in near real time.

    Competitions of masters of social engineering

    Chris Hadnagy, the founder of Social-Engineer and the administrator of , will share his experience in preparing competitions for “social engineers” DEF CON SECT F. The purpose of such competitions is to familiarize IS professionals with the problems of social engineering and show to a wide audience, how dangerous is fraud using psychological methods.

    RFID Master Class: Low to High

    The host will focus on the high-frequency identification during the master class on RFID, but low radio frequencies will also be considered, since they are often used in organizing access control to premises (house entrances, offices, garages, hotels). In addition, the topics of security of mobile payment services, as well as Paypass, Paywave and NFC USIM technologies will be discussed.

    The lesson will be held by Nahuel Grisolía, an Argentinean security expert and entrepreneur who specializes in web application security and hardware hacking. He discovered vulnerabilities in McAfee Ironmail, VMware, and the Manage Engine Service Desk Plus, as well as in a number of free software development projects: Achievo, Cacti, OSSIM, Dolibarr, and osTicket. He conducted master classes at international conferences, including Positive Hack Days III ( presentation slides ).

    How to get on PHDays

    We remind you that the first stage of Call for Papers will last until January 30. Information security experts can submit their research to speak at the forum on May 26 and 27. A full list of reports will be published in April on the official website of the event (see the best from last year on Habrahabr ).

    You will find information on other ways to join the membership on the official site of PHDays. You can purchase tickets on the " Take part " page . There is a discount until January 30: a ticket for two days of the forum costs 7337 rubles. Soon the price will change - the cost of participation will increase first to 9600 rubles., And then to 14,400 rubles.

    Do not miss the chance to join several thousand information security researchers, government representatives, journalists and young scientists from around the world. See you at Positive Hack Days V!

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