"Centrohost" again registered the domain pizda.ru

    Recently , Centrohost tried to register the pizda.ru domain, but then the registration record was deleted as contrary to the Domain Name Registration Rules . Now the Centrohost registrar has re-registered the same domain.

    According to information from the whois service, the domain was registered on August 22, 2006 in the name of a certain Janus Nevstroyev. Most likely, this entry will be deleted soon, so we duplicate it here for the story.

    domain: PIZDA.RU 
    type: CORPORATE
    person: Yanus P Nevstruev
    phone: +7 495 2518104
    phone: +7 901 5172431
    fax-no : +7 495 2515084
    e-mail : 2@pol.ru 
    registrar: CENTROHOST-REG-RIPN
    created: 2006.08.22 
    paid-till : 2007.08.22 
    source: TC-RIPN

    As you know, obscene domains are contrary to clause 4.4 of the  Domain Name Registration Rules , according to which the registrar has the right to refuse to register a domain if obscene words are used as the domain name.

    The problem is that very often domain names are written using transliteration and can be read in two ways. In addition, nowhere is there a list of words that are officially deemed obscene and which are prohibited from being used as a domain name. Therefore, swearing in domains occurs all the time.

    Based on the Whois database, we have compiled a small list of registered domain names with the date of registration and the name of the registrar company (in chronological order). If you have additions to this list - write in the comments to the article.

    Interestingly, Ru-Center is among the first obscene registrars . Thus, her indignation over the registration by Centrohost of the Pizda.ru domain can be regarded as a complaint against a competitor. Like, we were not allowed to register this valuable domain, so why was he allowed.

    Chlen.ru : 02.15.2001 , registrar R01;
    Suka.ru : 03/31/2001 , the registrar of Ru-Center ;
    Govno.ru : March 30, 2003, registrar R01;
    Pidor.ru : 04.21.2004 , the registrar "Ragtime";
    Pisda.ru : 05/08/2005, registrar R01;
    Hui.ru : 05.16.2005 , registrar R01;
    Manda.ru : May 16, 2005, registrar R01;
    Blyadi.ru : 01/13/2006, the registrar "Centrohost";
    Mozgoeb.ru : 02.10.2006 , the registrar of Ru-Center ;
    Nahuy.ru : 02.15.2006 , registrar R01;
    Huy.ru : 02.20.2006 , the registrar "Ragtime";
    Gavno.ru : 02.20.2006 , the registrar R01;
    Pesda.ru : March 15, 2006, registrar Centrohost;
    Blyad.ru : 05/13/2006, the registrar "Centrohost";
    Huevo.ru: May 22, 2006, registrar R01.

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