Million Dollar House

    Frankly, I’m very interested in following the absurd ideas that bring millions to their authors. It's nice to think that while I'm scribbling pretty little articles here, someone on the other side of the world is making a lot of money from nothing, enjoying it.

    As you probably already guessed, the next realization of the idea of ​​Alex Tew (Alex Tew), which you have already heard more than once, prompted me to such thoughts. But with pleasure I’ll tell you again if someone forgot or just returned from a two-year expedition to Pluto, discovering that this is not a planet at all, but just a figment of the fantasies of scientists.

    This British student made a million dollar page”And sold more than a million advertising pixels on it, taking a dollar for each. As you know, he needed the money to study at an expensive British college. And then, after a couple of days, clone sites began to appear in all countries of the world, selling pixels of the advertising space for a dollar, a cent, a euro and even a ruble for one point.

    Almost a year has already passed, but the idea of ​​Alex Tew haunts many bright minds. For example, in January of this year, the enterprising girl Natasha from Petersburg decided to use her body as an advertising platform. Moreover, you can place advertising both on its website and disfigure its real body with its logo. For example, a hundred square millimeters will cost you a hundred US dollars, respectively.

    And today it became known about a huge housein the notorious Dutch city, where everyone can place their logo for 20 (actually 19.99, but we know that this is a normal marketing move) dollars per tile (about 35 × 29 centimeters). The entire surface of the building is divided into three zones - one-, two- and three-star. As you can see from the photo, Apple, Google, Coca-Cola , Mercedes and many other great organizations have already been noted there .

    But is it necessary to say that the idea of ​​the notorious British student has already lost all charm. Both the building and the special equipment cost money, and, one must think, decent (this is not a ten-dollar domain and hosting for you). Moreover, the creators of The Million Dollar House do not pursue any wonderful goals: they didn’t even have the imagination to pretend to be poor single mothers, as this was done by most owners of clone sites from all countries (most of which, by the way, failed to collect and two bucks).

    That is, in general, the absurd idea that brings money has turned into a big business with good investments and payback calculation, which is not at all interesting.

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