Microsoft opens business incubator Bing Fund

    The fund is focused on startups in the field of mobile applications and the web. Preference will be given to young companies that already have a working prototype or website. In addition to financing, startups will have the opportunity to use Azure and Bing APIs with significant discounts. They will have early access to technologies developed by Microsoft Research. Microsoft also promises consultations and mentoring from experienced employees. The average investment is planned at the level of 50 - 100 thousand dollars in one startup.

    In some cases, the corporation may be interested in buying startups, but this is not the main priority of the fund. Microsoft promises that once funding is received, the intellectual property and product will remain in the hands of the founders. Using the Microsoft technology stack for development is encouraged, but not required. Startup teams will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s Bellevue offices, where Miscrosoft’s machine learning and search units are located.

    Sources: TechCrunch , VentureBeat .

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