If your life depends on the doctor, let it be a military doctor

    Big companies need qualified people, however, they really don't know how to find them. And consequently, dances with a tambourine begin, conversations with HR specialists, books “100 Ways to Pass an Interview” and, of course, questions with a hatch.

    However, people are still not enough. This, in turn, leads to the idea that each person can be a leader, an innovator and grow one step up. This is not, was not and never will be.

    I will not limit myself to IT, I will tell you in general, if you allow me to.
    I see many books on the topic of how to develop leadership skills, how to develop innovative thinking, how to become sociable and sociable. Okay, I will not deny that there is useful information there, but it’s about the same as reading the theory of Nietzsche’s superman to fifth graders. A lot of buzzwords, but little useful, and most importantly, no one will follow in this direction.


    Here's an article with an epic title: “You Can Become the Next Steve Jobs: Nine Ways to Become a Seer.” In which we are assured that everyone can become an innovative prophet at the level of Steve Jobs. Let us be honest with ourselves: "If your name is Ivan Ivanitch, you will be Ivan Ivanitch." There are no two people alike, although it is useful to imitate a successful model of behavior and decision-making, but fanaticism is not necessary.

    If you can start thinking, start analyzing your situation and your business, sooner or later you will see errors and find a way to eliminate them, or minimize them. But if you spend all your time studying motivating books, books that have no applied value or that talk about “a wonderful tool to solve your problems,” I can disappoint you. You are busy with the wrong one.

    If you know how to do something, and it brings you joy, God knows, do it. Develop in this direction. Now the time has come when there are only managers around, but there are no people who know how to do something well. And it really is scary. If you like coding, grow in this direction, if you decide to go to a managerial position, you will definitely expect two things:

    1) Separation from your favorite work

    2) “What kind of crap does our programmer do, I would do everything faster in his place and easier". You really can do better and faster because you love code, but as a leader, code is not your priority.

    I was lucky to communicate with different people. However, a combination of a successful leader and an unhappy person is not uncommon. My friend’s father grew up in a village on a sawmill, you can say, a carpenter with hands from God. He really loves working with wood, smelling fresh sawdust, but if your wife saws you every day, you need to do something else. Now he is the owner of a wood processing plant and he is unhappy because he was torn from his beloved business. And every day he enviously passes by ordinary carpenters.

    I do not suggest that everyone take off their business suit and burn it with The Wall Street Journal, and dispel the ashes on the seashore of freedom.

    All people are different, someone likes to calmly deal with papers, someone needs an action from presentations and negotiations. Someone can agree on one day about 5-10 meetings, and someone in the morning can not find a second sock. And this is normal.

    In almost every second book: "After reading this book, you will not understand how you lived without it before." Lived, live and will continue to live well. All people live as they want. Someone reflects on high matters, someone silently does.

    And now, as for the doctors. I can imagine that you came here only because of the name.

    Learning to be a doctor is very difficult, you need to learn every bone, every bone fixation, eat next to the dead and know Latin. And now we get a specialist who knows a wide range of drugs, can do a general examination and say: "Well, what can I do, the prices for medicines are such."

    Military doctors are taught differently. The main goal is to save life at all costs. At the sight of a person who needs help, he does not begin to remember what kind of drug should be given, he may not provide 100% correct help. But he will begin to act at that moment, and he will do everything possible to save you.

    If you have any problem, or something is bothering you. Get started now. I am sure you will not immediately find the optimal solution, but sooner or later you will find it.

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